Working with Children is Tough — Be Ready to Speak about 9/11

Speaking about 9/11 and more to kids

tough1Dealing with the tragedy of 9/11 can be intimidating and scary. Adults too find it hard to cope with the tragedy and the destruction it brought. The damage has been caused in property and physicality of the US citizens. But, the most damaged has been the mentality. People are emotionally drained when it comes to discussing 9/11. It is evident that children will find the tragedy even more sorrowful. In most cases the teachers working with children are the ones who come to help. The teachers who work with children frequently often face the issues of emotional anxiety among the students. These issues should be addressed at the bud. The importance of communication cannot be overestimated. For example, constant communication is crucial for college paper writing service or any other services and institutions.

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How to Use Lesson Plans from 9/11 As History? Tips for Teachers

A lesson in the history of 9/11

911lessons19/11 is one of the most talked about tragedies of the 21st century. Much literature has been produced about the event. Many types of research have gone into the subject and observations on the event can be found in many versions. The teachers of primary and secondary schools face problems with teaching facts about 9/11. They find it hard to make students aware of the 9/11 tragedy. A feeling of loss and anger is common among the students. It’s quite common to see students struggling to cope with the information about the tragedy. It is important to provide the information in a streamlined way for them to understand.

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September 11 History and Facts or Why Are Basics Important?


911histfacts1September 11 is considered as one of the darkest days in human civilization history. It demolished the sense of freedom and security among the U.S citizens. It also showed the world, how deadly and violent; organized terrorism can be. People of all ages struggled to deal with shock from the tragedy in any way they could. It is important to understand the September 11 facts before being judgmental about the event. Being wrongly informed can make the feelings more radical, something that is damaging ideals and values of citizens and democratic principles. There are reasons why one needs to understand or know 9 11 true facts are discussed below.

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Understanding 9/11 via Reading — Sources for Various Age Groups


The events that happened in September 11 attacks had its impact on people’s minds. Aged and young, people of various age groups were affected by the event which U.S foundation to the core. I did not only show to be one of the most violent attacks on humanity, but also it had an immense sociological impact on people. Many years have passed, and people from across the globe still remember the fallen through September 11 memorial. It is typical in the US schools to have the September 11 history in the study curriculum for pupils. This is done to better understand the causes and results of the 9/11 attacks.

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Monitoring and Reducing Stress in Children — Tips for Educators

monitstressWhen it comes to remembering the tragedy of 9/11, coping with stress becomes a major issue. Not only the adults but also children face the emotional hardness. The stress in children is justified. The disturbing images and videos of the 9/11 attacks have bad effects on the minds of the children. The failure to understand the scenario, resulting in pain and sorrow. It is quite common to see students struggling to deal with the subject when time comes to write school essays on the subject. It is important for teachers to notice signs of stress in children. Once the teachers can understand that students are in stress, they can give good advice or help the students deal with the sadness and horror surrounding the event.

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Student Essay Writing about 9/11 — Why Does It Matter?

ahistor19/11 was a tragic event. People from all around the globe were stunned by the event. The violent event affected the young ones drastically. For school kids, it is hard and complicated to come to terms with the eve. Also, the violent content in media covering the event does not help the issue. It is a very sensitive subject for children to understand. It is quite common among children to break down while discussing or thinking about the event. When it comes to writing essays on 9/11, students face problems mentally. They think that they need someone to write an essay because it is difficult for them even to think about it. The teachers can some in as the saviors in this condition.

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9/11 Essay — What Should the Teacher Recommend and Help with?

Teacher’s recommendation for drafting the right 9/11 essay

911a9/11 left a damaging scar in the minds of the American people. People from different age groups were affected by the event. Eventually, the terrible event has transformed itself. It became a guiding light of hope and survival. Young students of the country have struggled most in coming to terms with the terrible event and the results of it.

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